The Dictator A/A+

imagesCAXD7BBTA week ago or so  I went to see the Dictator. I loved the movie. In my opinion it is much better than Bruno or Borat. However, I am pretty sure that the people in the theater do not necessarily agree with me. There were barely laughs and a lot of silences. Then, I read some blogs reviewing or commenting on this movie and to my astonishment, a good amount of them coincide to grade it as average, or not as good as the previous ones. I am really astonished by this!!

There is no doubt that Sasha Baron Cohen is a genius. Only him can be so intelligently irreverent and get away with it. He makes fun of anything and everything, there is not a single aspect of contemporary society that is left untouched. Mockery of nowadays absurd politically correct, double standard, emotionally repressed behaviors (in the world but mostly in the USA) reigns for almost two hours. And, maybe that is why some people find that this movie is not so funny. It is so laughable to make fun of how other cultures and societies are backwards, but it is not so funny when we talk about US politics.


Ana Faris (Zoey in the movie) is another great element in the movie. Such an idealist! so cute! she is the epitome of the organic, self-sustainable existence, and jet she has to be rescued by the Dictator’s discipline because her “politically correct” approach to life prevents her from correcting her employees malpractices.

The best moment in the movie has to be the speech the Dictator gives telling all the world leaders who much they could benefit from having a dictatorship. Of course, 90% if not all of the things he mentions are current practices within the so proclaimed “greatest” democracy in the world. By the end of the speech it seems that the only big difference between this dictator government and the one of a democracy is that his national resources are not in the hands of  private companies. Again, it is understandable, that some people would not appreciate such comments and veiled accusations.

el dictador

Following this section of the speech, there is a rather cheesy but interesting description of what democracy is (according to this personaje) which is also worth mentioning. I haven’t found a good quote jet but I’ll add it as soon as  I do.

All in all this is a great movie. I can only hope that people see it and listen to some (at least a couple) of the points that it is trying to make.



One thought on “The Dictator A/A+

  1. Alot of people dont like it aswell cause he used a script in this one rather than the candid style of Bruno/ Borat but what they don’t understand is that his first film was Ali G which was scripted and a huge success I thought it was an amazing film in my opinion

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