The Long Walk Home (1990)

As I was searching HULU for a movie to watch I came across The Long Walk Home (1990), which reminded me that I have not seen The Help (2011) yet. Since the latter is not available in Hulu I decided to watch the previous (I am aware that though related in terms of topic, they are quite different).

The Long Walk Home is set in Montgomery, Alabama during the bus boycott of 1955. Odessa a maid of Miriam and her family starts walking home after the boycott is declared. Then Miriam decides to drive Odessa a couple of days a week to work.

There is not much action in the movie and I really appreciate that. Words, body language, and silence have a lot of meaning in this case (I have to say that sometimes I miss that way of filming in nowadays movies). The viewers are witnesses of the day to day existence of the people in Montgomery during that year. We see how people are faced with a decision and how mostly fear (on one side) and hope (on the other) drove people´s actions.

contrary to what I expected (probably because I had not even seen the imagetrailer of the movie), I was very pleased to see that the star of the movie is not just Odessa but Miriam (and the numerous Miriams) that had the courage to stand up to “tradition” and act on their own accord with all the consequences.

The language used is another very powerful asset. It could be because of the extremely politically correct times we live in but it does sound very violent. The hatred with which the words are uttered by the whites, the very dual, either or creation way of describing reality is perplexing when watching from 2012 perspective.

It is also a movie about women power, both inside and outside of the domestic realm.

Now, let´s see if I can watch The Help for the next comment


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