Tenemos Puente … (The long weekend is here!)

Puente in Spanish means bridge but it also means vacaciones!!!!d93e8483794c4e737a5f6ff7e699cb07

Puentes are quite popular in Spain. We look forward to them like “agua de mayo” (like a breath of fresh air). A “puente” means 2 more days of descanso (jueves, viernes, sábado y domingo) and a lot of people, when possible, travel.

So, el puente is here! Students are off to Barcelona, and what will surely be a great adventure (we will have to wait for Monday to hear all about it).

I am also off to do some traveling.

Spain has some big (very relative term this one) cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, etc. and many many smaller and enchanting places good a road trip.This puente, I am off to visit a couple more of those small, enchanting and peaceful spaces in Spain. you can find them in this link, with the 15 most beautiful castles in Spain).



At the end of this puente I would have seen 8 of them…. 7 more to go! 😀

Que disfruten!!


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