Kennyatta at the Reina Sofía: Museos In a gloomy & rainy day

Hoy hace fresquito (it is chilly) y está nublado (cloudy). It is not very common to have low temperatures half way through June, but, every now and then, it happens. Of course that is no reason not to be out and about.

A brilliant option for a gloomy day is to visit a museum: what better than MUSEO REINA SOFIA

Kennyatta attended the guided visit to the Museo Reina Sofia organized as an after class activity by the University. This are some of her impressions (in Spanish and English, just so we see how skillful she is becoming) 🙂

  • ¿Qué te llamó más la atención/sorprendió del museo? / What call your attention the most at the Museum? What surprised you?

KennyI was surprised at the amount of artwork in one place! The Reina Sofia was my first visit to a actual art museum so I think I was amused by everything.

Me sorprendió la cantidad de obras de arte en un solo lugar! La Reina Sofía fue mi primera visita a un museo de arte real así que creo que me hizo gracia todo.

  • ¿Qué obra de arte te gustó más?¿Por qué? / What art piece(s) you like the most? why?
Salvador Dalí, Tiempo

Some fellow students introduced me to the surrealist painter Dali . Therefore I would have to say he was my favorite although I was absolutely stunned by Picasso’s most famous painting Guernica.

Algunos compañeros me presentaron al pintor surrealista Dalí. Por tanto, yo tendría que decir que era mi favorito, aunque yo estaba absolutamente sorprendida por la pintura más famosa de Picasso; el Guernica.


  • ¿Recomendarías visitar el museo Reina Sofía a otros estudiantes?¿Por qué? / would you recommend other students to visit the Reina Sofía museum? why?

img_0741 I would recommend this museum to fellow students because for one, not many people can say they have seen Picasso’s most famous artwork in real life. For two, all of the artwork was admirable and it made me appreciate art more than what I had before. Lastly, I would simply do it for the experience. A day in Madrid is always worth that.

Yo recomendaría este museo a mis compañeros porque no muchas personas pueden decir que han visto las obras de arte más famosas de Picasso en la vida real. Además, todas las obras eran admirables y me hizo apreciar el arte más de lo que tenía antes. Por último, me gustaría simplemente hacerlo por la experiencia. Un día en Madrid siempre vale la pena.


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