Con esto y un bizcocho le decimos a Alcalá hasta el próximo mayo veintiocho!

A month has already gone by!

2015-06-20-13-12-14We have done a lot in these 4 weeks.

There was some traveling. We have not had time to see all of Spain but we visited, at least 5 cities (Alcalá, Madrid, Toledo, Burgos, Barcelona, Segovia, Valencia, etc).

There was some life-changing class related activities beyond the classroom: hospital practices (Spanish for Health Professionals), On-site life translations (translation class), Visit to Danone factory (Bussiness class), etc.

There was some studying too 😀 Students have their final presentations and exams today.

After that, it will be time to see how much fits (and does not fit) in our luggage; time to get final souvenirs for family members and friends; time for the “last dinner” with host families.

And, yes, time for despedidas (good byes), or better yet, hasta luegos (see you later). We have met so many wonderful people, and undoubtedly we will stay in touch with many of them.

It is a bit of a bitter sweat moment. Some wish they could stay longer, at the same time, they are ready for some homemade specialties! 😀

Por mi parte, I have enjoyed my first year as a Director of Columbia College Study Abroad summer program a lot. I know a big part of it are the students that came! I am already looking forward to some days of vacaciones and then we will start getting ready for next summer!


Join us!


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