La cultura está en las calles – Culture is on the streets

The first weekend of our study abroad program is rapidly approaching and our Koalas have many cultural events to choose from.

Ruta foodtruck en Alcalá: gastronomía sobre ruedas If there is a part that is fun of studying abroad is trying new food! This is a great opportunity to taste food from all over the world. There will be 10 gastronetas (foodtrucks) en la plaza de la PALOMA 🙂


Mercado de la Aljama Alcalá de Henares, as many cities in Spain, was for many years a space in which three cultures lived together. Mercado de la Aljama celebrates the Jewish cultural practice of taking their products outside so that the public could enjoy them. There will be different activities on the streets, open to everyone. Just walk around on Saturday and be transported to ancient times!

Alcalá es Música  If you like music, you can not miss this festival. It is all free and on the streets (al aire libre). There will be more than 70 bands, playing all types of music: Pop, rock, punk, jazz, and more. You will surely find a few that you love. If you don´t, just move to the next escenario.


All this cultural opportunities are excellent opportunities to compliment the courses students take during the week. They are also the best expression of the Spanish way of life: la cultura está en las calles.

Come back on Monday to see what our students liked best!!! 😀



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