Preparadas, listas, ya!!!! Deporte en Alcalá! Claro que si!

¿Te encanta ir al gimnasio y mantenerte en forma? No hay problema! La Universidad de Alcalá de Henares tiene un CIUDAD DEPORTIVA! yes! Ciudad! no solo un gimnasio, sino que también tiene: Pabellón “Rector Gala”, con 5 salas multifuncionales Campo de Voley/Futbol/Balonmano Playa Aula Hípica 14 Pistas de Padel de hierba artificial Pista de atletismo Rocódromo 2 Pistas Polideportivas Exteriores 5 Pistas de Tenis (3 de hierba artificial) Campos de Fútbol 7 y Fútbol 11 de hierba artificial Gabinete de Fisioterapia Sauna Pabellón Polideportivo Tenis de Mesa Fútbol Sala Baloncesto Badminton Voley Sala Multiusos Si aun no estás convencida … Continue reading Preparadas, listas, ya!!!! Deporte en Alcalá! Claro que si!

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Schedule (Summer 2017)

STUDY ABROAD IN SPAIN – SUMMER 2017 JUNE PROGRAM Students arrive. Tuesday May 30th Orientation Sessions. Wednesday May 31st Classes begin. Thursday June 1st Mid-term exams. Thursday June 15th    Evaluations. Monday June 26th Last day of class. Monday June 26th Final exams. Tuesday June 27th End of the program. Students depart. Wednesday June 28th Continue reading Schedule (Summer 2017)

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Intercambio cultural

Some comments from our students:

“k.jpgIt was a lot of fun to meet a group of people who wanted to learn about our culture as much as we wanted to learn about theirs. The thing that surprised me was that they believed that their culture was individualistic.” (Keyerra Anderson)

“I reaC.D.JPGlly enjoyed the activity. It was interesting to hear about the culture of Spain from people my age. The thing that surprised me the most was when they told us that it is courteous to greet and say goodbye to everyone when you enter or exit a place, even if you do not know them.”(Caitlyn Nicole Duffy)

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En el aeropuerto – vuelos internacionales

I have been traveling between Spain and the USA for more than ten years. Plus, many more trips to other countries in the world. By now, I have gone through security at the airport more than a hundred times. I know what to expect. What am I (most likely) going to be asked. What to put on my carry on luggage, what not. I know every single line of the security tape/performance that the aeromozs/azafats do at the beginning of the flight. However, for a first traveler it might be a bit overwhelming. Here you have a few tips, ideas … Continue reading En el aeropuerto – vuelos internacionales

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